Welcome to emdeebeebee.com

My name is Mairead and I am a creative web developer, based near Bristol, specialising in exciting interactive experiences. I'm interested in any technology that pushes the boundaries of web development and am always looking for new ideas to harness what the internet can do for us.

I specialise in Front End web development technologies, JavaScript, Responsive, Mobile and UI interactions. You can see some recent examples of my work

I am a designer as well as a developer. When I'm not making websites I like to make other things: Costume design, Set design, Game design and other toys. I also make a great cocktail.

Please feel free to get in touch if you are looking for technical speakers.

You can read my articles about the Golden Path Project and Golden Path revisited

You can reach me @tiny_m or on github/mairead


Cambridge University

Responsive fluid templates created for Cambridge University to rebrand and move their web platforms to a forward facing structure

Hostelling International

A 2 view responsive desktop/mobile layout for a Hostelling booking engine with an experiential travel marketing format


Urban Golf

Combining game design, graphic design and event planning. Urban Golf is a game I created for a birthday.

Tea on the Lawn

A site I created for my wedding with an Art Nouveau flavour


Leap Motion 3D hand

Experiments with the Leapmotion and LeapJs to provide gesture detection. You can see my LondonJS presentation slides on the topic

CultureMe Facebook App

An R&D project created from a Culture Hack at Kings Institute to add cultural data to a Facebook feed based on your status updates