Leap motion and VR

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About me

My name is Mairead

  • 15 years in web industry

  • Specialise in Frontend & Javascript

  • Experimenting with interaction paradigms

Where it started

The story so far

  • Kinect - JS hack over 4 years ago

  • Leap Motion release

  • Custom built Hand rigging last year

  • Google cardboard to simulate VR

Leap motion and VR

Use of technology

Motion sensing

Leap Motion device

  • Using Leap to take advantage of near field and finger tracking

  • Easier integration into Mac OS

Visual output

Google Cardboard device

Leap JS plugins

Limitations of using third party libs

  • Pros: Much more sophisticated

  • Cons: Tied to plugin architecture/Golden Handcuffs

Leap Websockets

Limitations of connecting USB data to mobile

  • Mobile device won't connect directly to Leap socket

  • Hemorrhaging Node servers

Socket server

Serving data over websockets

Leap Networking plugin

Leap plugin to pipe real time frame data

WebRTC architecture

Using client side webRTC

Leap RTC in action

Photographic evidence

Virtual reality mode

Integrating VR simulation with accelerometer

  • Using Three.js Device Orientation Control plugin

  • You have to filter the accelerometer sensor noise

Demo VR simulation